The Johnsons, Party of five, seeks to be a Party of SIX! They are wholly happy where they are and how they are, but there’s a feeling that their family is incomplete. They would love another person to spend eternity with. They love to do lots of stuff. Here’s a glimpse into their home…

"Johnsons Stick Together"

The Johnson Family Guiding Principles start out with “Johnsons Joyfully Stick Together,” and this has turned into a family motto. Ballet recitals, basketball games, choir concerts – if one Johnson’s onstage the rest sit front row.

Love to Travel

The Johnsons love adventuring together. As a family, the Johnsons have been to Alaska, Washington, California, Arizona, Nevada, Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, Florida, and even out of the country to places like Canada, Belize, Honduras, and Mexico. Whit and Meg have been to more places together, but the Johnsons stick together – and travel together! Upcoming family vacations are sure to be had. 

The family’s dream vacations are:

Whit – World cruise

Meg – Disney Cruise

Zula – Eritrea (there’s a Gulf and a city named Zula there!)

Daisy – Syracuse, UT to visit her friend, Spencer 🙂

Coco – Anywhere with the rest of the family. She loves people!

Whit and Meg on the top of an ancient pyramid in Belize (Whit carried her to the top) They are a lot higher up than they look, haha.

Monday Night Dance Parties

Every Monday night after dinner, the Johnson family members take turns picking their favorite songs to dance to. Everyone dances to each song. Some favorite songs include, Who Let the Dogs Out, One Way or Another, and anything from the Descendants Soundtracks 🙂

Movie Nights

Friday Night is Movie Night! The Johnson Family takes turns picking the movie to watch. Daisy loves anything from Cars and Descendants to a whole lotta Hocus Pocus. Zula loves the coming-of-age films like Descendants (noticing the pattern here…) and anything pre-teen. Whit picks something fun for kids from the 80s… his next pick is Honey, I Shrunk the Kids. As corny as his movie picks are, the kids love them. Meg seems to be easily swayed and has picked one of the Descendant movies a time or two. Or three. 

Maybe the best part about Movie Night  is the special treats. Whoever picks the movie gets to choose the treats, too. Zula likes donuts and homemade caramel corn. Daisy likes chocolate anything and homemade chocolate popcorn. Meg likes bubble gum and homemade Caramel corn. And Whit likes  homemade butter popcorn, caramel corn, and chocolate popcorn. Coco loves popcorn of all kinds.

The Johnsons eat a lot of popcorn…

All-Season Fun

Summer, winter, spring or fall, there’s always something fun to do! As much as the Johnsons love to travel, they love to be home. In the summer, they get Lagoon season passports and go swimming with their cousins at the weekly “Cousin Swim” party. In the Fall, they go pumpkin picking and to plenty-o-parks with the cooler air and autumn crackle. They go sledding in the winter and love to do Christmasy stuff like make treats, sing songs, and build snowmen. The springtime opens up the garden season again and each Johnson family member has their own garden bed they tend and plant.

Daisy on Bulgy at Lagoon. On this particular day, she rode it 17 times in a row.


The Johnson Family does the best they can to keep commandments, say their prayers, read their scriptures, and go to church. They are members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. They accept callings and do their best to love God and feel God’s love for themselves and others. 

Love to Party

The Johnsons love to party! Any reason is a great reason to celebrate! They have tea parties, Valentines parties, Christmas parties, Pie parties, poop parties (learning to potty train is a big deal), un-birthday parties… They always have stemware and bottle of Martinelli’s handy for impromptu celebrations!

Zula and Daisy on a cruise in the Caribbean.

Ambitious Gardeners

Gardening was discussed earlier in the All-Season fun and it’s a very real effort for the Johnson Family. They have raised beds and a big pumpkin patch out back. They have plenty of fruit trees (like 15) and work hard to pick and can peaches, plums, Asian pears (actually those just get eaten, they’re delicious…) and preserve all the garden stuff!  

Dog Lovers

The Johnsons have two dogs they love: Mowgli and Charlie. Mowgli looks like a dairy cow and a snake had a baby and Charlie is the quiet redhead. Mowgli is incredibly patient with babies and small children and won’t bark, bite, or even flinch or move at all even if a baby is poking his eyeballs over and over and over. True story. Charlie is the most gentle cat-like dog that has even been. Both Charlie and Mowgli love children and are gentle with them. These dogs love each other and are fun, furry family members.